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Christian Tour is Romania's largest and most well-known travel agency. It helps its clients discover, book, and travel to destinations worldwide. They have a wide range of offerings, from hotel bookings to airline tickets and cruises.

Business Needs

There was one major business need: to rewrite and improve old software solutions in a way that allows new development to be done in a faster and more reliable manner. The goal was to allow new business ideas to be quickly put into practice and tested while allowing the existing main products to function and grow unimpacted by a fast-paced development environment.


We implemented a microservice architecture by creating various services that handled specific parts of Christian Tour's offerings. Some of these services are related to general business needs like user management, billing, or communication. Other services are focused on highly specific travel-related areas: bookings (airlines, cruises, hotels, etc.), travel promotions, and innovative products.


Increased bookings: The new solution enabled the company to manage bookings more efficiently, resulting in an increase in the number of bookings.

Improved customer experience: The rewrite improved many aspects of the user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Increased revenue: New product ideas were tested and new travel niches allowed the company to reach a larger audience.

  • Client: Christian Tour
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Technologies: Microservices, Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Industry: Travel
  • Website:

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